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Now out in a new print and ebook edition… Hamlet

It’s something like ten years since I started work on an adaptation of Hamlet for Audible with my good friend A.J. Hartley. It was an experimental project, one that took a sideways look at a very familiar story. The work also introduced us to an actor chap called Richard Armitage who took our original script and did something quite amazing with it. Astonishing to think Richard and audiobooks weren’t a thing back then.

Well, here we are on the verge of 2023 and I’m delighted to say Hamlet is still a popular item on Audible, and now you can enjoy the story in a new edition from Falstaff Books. You should find it in all the usual places in hardback, paperback and ebook. It is brand new and shipping from the US so those outside in say, the UK, may have a little while to wait. But the ebook is, of course, readily available worldwide.

I hope you enjoy it. We had enormous fun taking Shakespeare’s original and adding some tricks of our own (yes, Young Yorick). And I’ll always be grateful to our producer at Audible, Steve Feldberg, for having the foresight to bring Mr. Armitage into the studio.

Audio Venice

A taste of Richard Armitage reading The Medici Murders

It’s always a delight to have Richard narrating my work. He takes such care, even down to the lovely South Yorkshire accent he’s found for my new protagonist, Arnold Clover, in this first book of the series.

So let me share a sample of him narrating the opening of the book, along with a few of the many photos of Venice I’ve taken over the years.

Audio Venice

Out now in audio, Richard Armitage narrates The Medici Murders

Delighted to tell you that the audiobook of The Medici Murders went live around the world today, narrated by the ever-amazing Richard Armitage. You’ll find it in all the usual audio outlets including Audible, Amazon, Kobo and Google Play. Many thanks to the team at WF Howes who’ve been supporting my work in audio for more than twenty years.

The library audiobook version is due to go into online library apps on November 1.


Shooter in the Shadows, an Audible original

I’m delighted to be able to announce a new Audible original book-length project coming your way, released on December 12 worldwide.

This time round I’m switching between a remote island in Venice and upstate New York for a two-narrator thriller about a writer locked away in a crumbling mansion in the lagoon, suddenly finding he’s facing the most dangerous deadline of his life.

Welcome to Shooter in the Shadows, available for pre-order now. Here’s what to expect…

Tom Honeyman made his name cracking a horrific double murder in his hometown of Prosper, New York. He got an international best seller out of it, made a small fortune, and left his newspaper reporting days behind. 

But was it all based on a lie? 

Now, more than a decade after his one and only success, Honeyman’s life is in tatters. His wife committed suicide, his daughter hasn’t spoken to him in years, and his books don’t sell. He’s sequestered himself in his wreck of a retreat on an island in Venice, desperate to find the inspiration that will revive his career. 

But Tom Honeyman is not alone. 

An unseen stranger tells Honeyman he got it wrong all those years ago. And he has just four days to uncover the real murderer. 

Tom Honeyman is no longer writing for his livelihood. He’s writing for his life.

This is a fast-moving story that moves between the present in Venice and the past in New York as Honeyman tries to reconstruct a story that will keep him alive. It’s a taut, exciting listen, but one that’s about people too, about family, and about how difficult it can be to bury a lie, however much you want.

I’m lucky as ever with Audible to have some fantastic talent on board for the tale. In this case not one but two award-winning performers, both of whom have got Audies and lots more besides to their credit.

Jonathan Davis, right, is acclaimed narrator of over 5oo audiobooks, and an Audible Narrator Hall of Fame inductee. He’s got an amazing range of audio titles under his belt, including a whole line of Star Wars books.

Ramón de Ocampo is an Audie winner too, and a regular on TV with Notorious, Guidance, 12 Monkeys, The West Wing, Medium, Killer Instinct, Sons of Anarchy, and Major Crimes, as well as memorable GUEST STARRING roles, most recently on: HAWAII 5-0, NCIS: New OrleansCSI: Cyber, the PlayerCastle, Bones, CSI, NCIS, and Gang Related.

Jonathan takes the role of the harassed Tom, trying to unpick the secrets of the past against a fast-ticking clock, and some other characters too. Ramón is his mysterious nemesis, hiding out of sight but never out of mind.

It was a blast to write and I gather Jonathan and Ramón had quite a time recording in the Audible studios in Newark too. Roll on December…