The new Pieter Vos

The fourth Pieter Vos book, Sleep Baby Sleep, is out in the UK on June 1 from Pan Macmillan, and in Dutch in October from Boekerij. I always try to write a different book in a series and this is no exception. Vos and crew’s last outing, Little Sister, was mainly in unfamiliar territory for them, out in the flat lands around Volendam.

Now they’re back where they’re at home, in Amsterdam, though this story will take you to places few foreign visitors find. We start with Vos labouring under a new boss in the police, Jillian Chandra, a fierce and ambitious woman who’s not fond of a bohemian detective living in a houseboat, doing things his own way and bringing his beloved dog Sam into the office from time to time. Vos has just escaped a long service ceremony and headed home to the Prinsengracht. There a curious note awaits him and, when he heads over the road to the Drie Vaten for a drink, Sam is abruptly kidnapped by a stranger in an odd hat.

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The third Pieter Vos book wins ‘best translated thriller of 2016’ in Holland

I’m very flattered to say that the third Pieter Vos book, Little Sister in English, and Het derde zusje in Dutch, has just won the award for best translated thriller of 2016 from ThrillZone in the Netherlands. It’s never easy for a foreign writer to win over readers in a country he writes about so I’m deeply chuffed to say the least.

A million thanks to my wonderful translator in the Netherlands Gert van Santen and the great people at Boekerij who have always gone the extra mile to support my work. You’re all an author’s dream…

Oh and it was great to be in Rapsheet’s best of 2016 list for Little Sister too.

Little Sister, the third Pieter Vos novel

I like to make each book in a series different to the ones that come before and this is no exception. The first two Vos novels have been very much city affairs based in Amsterdam. With Little Sister we travel outside, not far but to an area so removed from the bustle and grime of the city it’s hard to believe sometimes you’re only forty or so minutes away by bus.

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Just who is Pieter Vos? A preview of the third Amsterdam book

Little Sister, the third book in my Amsterdam series, is getting closer — May 5 in the UK, September 15 in the Netherlands. I will be writing a bit more about it here shortly. It’s set half in Amsterdam and half in a lovely, waterside area not far from the city, centred around Volendam pictured here.

Little Sisterbig

Vos being a city man is a fish out of water here. Laura Bakker, his sidekick, being a rural type by heart most certainly isn’t. I want these books to be as much about character as story. That’s important to me. And if you want to know a bit more about Vos’s character I’ve elaborated on it a little for Shots. You can read it here.