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Now out in a new print and ebook edition… Hamlet

It’s something like ten years since I started work on an adaptation of Hamlet for Audible with my good friend A.J. Hartley. It was an experimental project, one that took a sideways look at a very familiar story. The work also introduced us to an actor chap called Richard Armitage who took our original script and did something quite amazing with it. Astonishing to think Richard and audiobooks weren’t a thing back then.

Well, here we are on the verge of 2023 and I’m delighted to say Hamlet is still a popular item on Audible, and now you can enjoy the story in a new edition from Falstaff Books. You should find it in all the usual places in hardback, paperback and ebook. It is brand new and shipping from the US so those outside in say, the UK, may have a little while to wait. But the ebook is, of course, readily available worldwide.

I hope you enjoy it. We had enormous fun taking Shakespeare’s original and adding some tricks of our own (yes, Young Yorick). And I’ll always be grateful to our producer at Audible, Steve Feldberg, for having the foresight to bring Mr. Armitage into the studio.

Audio Venice

A taste of Richard Armitage reading The Medici Murders

It’s always a delight to have Richard narrating my work. He takes such care, even down to the lovely South Yorkshire accent he’s found for my new protagonist, Arnold Clover, in this first book of the series.

So let me share a sample of him narrating the opening of the book, along with a few of the many photos of Venice I’ve taken over the years.

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The Garden of Angels becomes Garten der Engel

My tale of a young Venetian discovering his grandfather’s role during the Nazi occupation is headed for the German language. Out on February 28, 2023 from Folio, Garten der Engel is now appearing in a special press and book industry edition ahead of publication, one that includes background to the story, the location and the history, photos, and an article by me about its writing. So if you’re in the German language book business please look out for it.

I’m immensely grateful for the lovely staff of Folio, who I was lucky enough to meet in Vienna earlier this year to talk about the book. And to my translator Birgit Salzmann who has been a champion for the story since it first appeared in English.

There are some publicity events on the horizon… and a German audio edition too, of which more news later. Do please subscribe to updates here or follow me on Twitter (if Twitter is still around come February). Here’s the cover and the back copy.

Audio Venice

Out now in audio, Richard Armitage narrates The Medici Murders

Delighted to tell you that the audiobook of The Medici Murders went live around the world today, narrated by the ever-amazing Richard Armitage. You’ll find it in all the usual audio outlets including Audible, Amazon, Kobo and Google Play. Many thanks to the team at WF Howes who’ve been supporting my work in audio for more than twenty years.

The library audiobook version is due to go into online library apps on November 1.