Now out in German… Die dunklen Schatten von Venedig

Delighted to tell you that, twenty years after its original appearance, my first book set in Italy is once again available in German. Published by, Die dunklen Schatten von Venedig, Lucifer’s Shadow/The Cemetery of Secrets in English, is a two-era tale, moving between the Venice of Vivaldi and Canaletto of the early 17th century, and the modern day.

In the time of the Jewish ghetto a young woman musician fights for her right to be heard as a composer. Three hundred years later a young Englishman begins to pick up and unravel the story of her life. Translated by Hedda Pänke.

Venedig: eine Stadt voller Pracht, erhabener Kunst – und finsterer, lang gehüteter Geheimnisse … Der junge Engländer Daniel Forster kommt in die Lagunenstadt, um eine altehrwürdige Bibliothek zu katalogisieren. Als er dort die Noten eines verlorenen Meisterwerks aus Vivaldis Zeit entdeckt, weckt dies die Aufmerksamkeit des reichen Kunstmäzens Hugo Massiter. Schon bald zieht der ebenso charismatische wie undurchschaubare Mann Daniel in seinen Bann – überredet ihn zu kleinen Betrügereien, dann zu Straftaten … Erst als Daniels Freunde ermordet werden, begreift der junge Student, wie nah er bereits am Abgrund steht: Kann er sich noch aus der Hand dieses Puppenspielers befreien?

Als hätten Patricia Highsmith und Donna Leon gemeinsam einen psychologischen Thriller geschrieben: Meisterhaft verwebt der internationale Bestsellerautor David Hewson das Venedig der Gegenwart mit den Erinnerungen an die Lagunenstadt zu Lebzeiten Vivaldis.

»Großartige Unterhaltung: intelligent und fesselnd!« The Sunday Times

Jetzt als eBook kaufen und genießen: Der düstere Spannungsroman »Die dunklen Schatten von Venedig« von David Hewson. Wer liest, hat mehr vom Leben: dotbooks – der eBook-Verlag.


The Medici Murders — a new Venetian tale

Time, finally, to talk about my new book. It’s called The Medici Murders and will be out on October the fourth in hardback in the UK, US and in e-book from Severn House, worldwide in audio in English from WF Howes on that same date – available through Audible and all the other usual audio outlets. And there’ll be a mass market paperback from Canongate in summer 2023.

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This is what Graham Greene used to call an ‘entertainment’. A story with a lightness to it, a degree of humour and an engaging mystery at heart. Oh, and with an enormous sense of location too. In Venice again, a place I don’t just want to describe for you in The Medici Murders; I want to transport you there so you can hear the gulls and the church bells, smell the lagoon air, feel the chill of a carnival February, taste that pasta our protagonist’s eating in a little bar – a real one, there are lots of genuine locations here – as he embarks upon a uniquely Venetian adventure.


The Garden of Angels now out in Serbia

The Garden of Angels is now available from in Serbian. Many thanks to my publisher, Dereta, and, of course, my translator Danko Ješić. Hope I get to say thanks in person in Belgrade one day.


The Goldster Club interview with Humphrey Hawksley

I was privileged to talk to the celebrated journalist and author Humphrey Hawksley as part of the Goldster Club Inside Story programme on January 20. It was fascinating to chat with Humphrey about The Garden of Angels, Venice, Rome, The Killing and writing.

So long since I’ve done any event speaking thanks to the pandemic — here’s hoping we can do this again live in person soon. Many thanks to Humphrey and the Goldster team for making this possible. The interview covers a lot of ground and lasts an hour.

Here’s the interview in full.