Photo: Dingena Mol / Crimezone Magazine
Photo: Dingena Mol / Crimezone Magazine

David Hewson’s novels range from the Copenhagen of The Killing and Sarah Lund to the Italy of Nic Costa and the Amsterdam of Pieter Vos.

Over twenty years and more than twenty titles his books have been translated into multiple languages around the world. His Shakespeare adaptations have been shortlisted for America’s coveted Audie awards and narrated by acclaimed actors Richard Armitage and Alan Cumming.

A groundbreaking Shakespeare audio adaptation,  Romeo and Juliet: A Novel, once more narrated by Richard Armitage, is live on Audible worldwide. It’s shortlisted for an Audie for the best original work this year.

And now… Juliet & Romeo, a new book adaptation of the classic love story, and The Savage Shore, the return of Nic Costa and his fellow Roman detectives after eight years.

Out May 17… Juliet & Romeo

It’s Shakespeare reimagined. After the acclaimed audio performance by Richard Armitage… now the book from The Dome Press, out on May 17. It’s a sweltering summer in Verona in 1499. Romeo meets Juliet, a sixteen-year-old child of the Renaissance, desperate to forge her own identity in the fast-changing world around her.

But their two families are at war… and Juliet is under immense pressure from her parents to wed the aristocrat Count Paris. It’s the story you know with a twist you won’t see coming. With a foreword by Richard Armitage.

Mysteries from the Mediterranean

From the freezing Venice of Carnival to the searing bullring of Seville… the master of Eurocrime at work.

Since his acclaimed debut with Semana Santa (now republished as Death in Seville) in 1996 David Hewson has crossed and recrossed Europe in a series of acclaimed novels. As well as the Costa series in Rome to The Killing in Copenhagen and now the Pieter Vos books in Amsterdam he’s twice returned to Venice and more recently visited Florence for standalone books published in multiple language across the world. Read more.



The dark heart of Amsterdam

A detective called Pieter Vos, a solitary, thoughtful man living alone with his little dog Sam on a houseboat on the Prinsengracht canal. A city of beauty and darkness, where crime and corruption lives alongside art and culture and the bohemian life of the capital of the Netherlands. Starting with The House of Dolls David explores one of the most richly scenic cities in the world, seen through the eyes of Pieter Vos and his colleagues in the city police headquarters. Read more.



The Killing

Another side of Sarah Lund

It was one of the most acclaimed TV dramas of recent years, the story of Copenhagen detective Sarah Lund’s fight for justice, not just against criminals but against politicians and her own colleagues in the police.

Now they’ve reappeared in book form, not as simple novelisations but reimagined with new storylines, new twists and new endings. If you thought you knew Sarah Lund’s story… think again.

This must have been a daunting task, especially since Hewson had never even visited Denmark before embarking on this Herculean task. The result is a very fine novel, which is more of a re-imagining of the original story than a carbon copy – and with the bonus of a brand new twist to the ending. Daily Mail