David Hewson

A new Venetian mystery

Tom Honeyman thinks he’s alone in his crumbling writing hideout among the remote marshes of Venice’s lagoon.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Available in e-book and print on July 18, with special summer pricing for e-book sales of $2.99 in the US and £2.50 in the UK. Audible narration available now.

The tenth Nic Costa thriller sees Costa and his team leave Rome for the wilds of Calabria. A ganglord from the notorious ‘Ndrangheta mob wants to turn state witness. But Costa has to go undercover as one of the mob’s men in order to get him out. .

A full-length audio drama set in New York. Former NYPD detective Dinah Collins is trying to build a new career as a PI chasing missing persons… but what if her latest case is really about a vanished loved one closer to home?

Now available in a new edition, the ground-breaking Rome thriller the Washington Post dubbed ‘better than The Da Vinci Code’.

David Hewson’s award-winning novels range from the Copenhagen of The Killing and Sarah Lund to the Italy of Nic Costa and the Amsterdam of Pieter Vos.

Over twenty five years and more than thirty titles his books have delighted readers around the world.

In 2018 David’s adaptation, Romeo and Juliet: A Novel, won the Audie for best audio original.


Hewson provides more than a thrilling read. He saves you the airfare to Italy

Linwood Barclay


Hewson’s Rome is dark and tantalising, seductive and dangerous…

Tess Gerritsen


No author has brought Rome so alive for me – nor made it so sinister.

Peter James