David Hewson’s award-winning novels range from the Copenhagen of The Killing and Sarah Lund to the Italy of Nic Costa and the Amsterdam of Pieter Vos.

Over twenty five years and more than thirty titles his books have been delighted readers around the world. His Shakespeare adaptations have been shortlisted for America’s coveted Audie awards and narrated by acclaimed actors Richard Armitage and Alan Cumming.

In 2018 David’s adaptation, Romeo and Juliet: A Novel, won the Audie for best audio original.

Nic Costa returns

After eight years the prize-winning series about a young Roman detective returns. This time Costa and his colleagues are in Calabria trying to find a shadowy gang lord, Lo Spettro, who wants to turn state witness. But when Costa is forced to pose as a crook himself the hunt for ‘the spectre’ makes them realise they are strangers in a very strange land.

A mystery in the Faroe Islands

Tristan and Elsebeth Haraldsen retired to a remote fishing village where he will oversee the local whale-fishing hunt. But when two boys go missing during the slaughter they realise the place may not be as placid as it seems.

A standalone mystery set in the harsh wilds of the Faroes and a community that lives to its own rules, and deals with its own tragedies, regardless of the outside world.

As grim as the bleakest of Nordic noir. If you think the solution to the crime will produce a happy ending, just wait till the chilling final pages. Kirkus Reviews

Missing in New York

Audible goes all in with film-like production values, first-rate original music, and, best of all, evocative sound effects such as the lurching rumble of a New York subway car and the loud open space of Grand Central Station, both of which are central to the plot. There are plenty of twists and turns, so hang onto your headphones and have fun. Audiofile

Dinah Collins is a young woman struggling with her private demons while trying to make a living as PI in New York, finding missing people.

But one day a couple from California walk into her life and hire her to track down their vanished daughter. And Dinah soon discovers the ghost she’s chasing is much closer to home.

A novel-length, full-cast audio thriller exclusive to Audible worldwide.