David Hewson

A story for our times…

Lost in a crumbling, post-pandemic Yorkshire, sixteen-year-old Charlie Mackintosh retreats inside Realer, a virtual reality system that gives her a window into an outside world she’s too scared to enter.

Then one night she sees her own father murdered through Realer… and realises she needs to use the system she fears to find his killers.

A peek into a dystopian near-future that may be becoming more real by the day. Realer is a book-length audio exclusive from the Audie-winning author of Romeo and Juliet, performed by Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones and The Crown).

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Tom Honeyman thinks he’s alone in his crumbling writing hideout among the remote marshes of Venice’s lagoon.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Tom’s retreated to his remote, rundown villa at the edge of the lagoon to try to rebuild his failed career after one bestseller, a true crime story that named the perpetrator of a vicious murder in a small town in upstate New York.

But when he arrives he finds he’s got an unwanted intruder. A mysterious visitor who says Tom named the wrong man. And now, locked away, with no access to the outside world, he must write a new story, calling out the real killer, or he’s dead.

Tom’s no longer writing to save his career. He’s writing to save his life.

‘Hewson does a good job balancing action and characterization. Readers who appreciate nail-biting suspense will be satisfied.’

Publishers Weekly

Available in e-book and print, $2.99 in the US and £2.50 in the UK. Audible narration available now.

Along 350 miles from Rome to Brindisi, the Appian Way rose from its humble beginnings as a military track to become the engine that transformed Ancient Rome into the greatest empire Europe had ever seen.

Two thousand years later, with the continent in the process of another seismic shift, in this nonfiction account, David travels its route in the footsteps of the ordinary and extraordinary people who trod its path. From the gladiator rebel Spartacus to the marauding general Hannibal, via emperors, martyrs and politicians, he uncovers the stories of war, intrigue and ambition buried beneath its cobblestones.

Whether you love history, travel, Italy or all three, The Appian Way is a vivid, personal and fascinating exploration of an ancient journey that has never been more relevant.

‘A seamless mix of present and past. The Appian Way brings Roman history vividly alive.’

Dakota L. Hamilton, Humboldt State University

Available now on Kindle, Apple Books, Kobo and Google Play. $4.99 US, £3.99 UK, with exclusive online features. Print edition from Amazon worldwide.

The tenth Nic Costa thriller sees Costa and his team leave Rome for the wilds of Calabria. A gang lord from the notorious ‘Ndrangheta mob wants to turn state witness. But Costa has to go undercover as one of the mob’s men in order to get him out.

Costa and his colleagues return in a brand new story that takes them out of their home turf of Rome and places them in the wild, raw south, a lawless place of myth and danger.

The table are turned on his team as they are forced to hide under false identities in a beautiful swordfishing village while Costa is tasked with convincing the local crime gang he’s one of their ranks until the defecting gang boss can be spirited to safety.

But soon both sides find themselves trapped in a spiral of deceit from which there’s no easy escape or early release. In the wilds of the far south, Costa and his colleagues find they’re the hunted, not the hunters, as the crime gang closes in on the truth.

Hewson does more than provide a thrilling read. He saves you the airfare to Italy. When you turn the last page you’ll think you’ve been there.

Linwood Barclay

David Hewson’s award-winning novels range from the Copenhagen of The Killing and Sarah Lund to the Italy of Nic Costa and the Amsterdam of Pieter Vos.

Over twenty five years and more than thirty titles his books have delighted readers around the world.

In 2018 David’s adaptation, Romeo and Juliet: A Novel, won the Audie for best audio original.