Shooter in the Shadows

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A thriller from the far reaches of the Venetian lagoon

In 2008, when the financial world was collapsing, Tom Honeyman worked as a reporter on a failing local newspaper in a fictional upstate New York town called Prosper. The sleepy little place is shocked by the vicious murders of a local teacher and her pupil who seem to have been having an affair, a story so notorious it soon gathers national attention.

Tom Honeyman arrives at his isolated Venetian island to start work. But he’s not alone…

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Rich and briefly famous, Tom uses his unexpected wealth to buy a remote island in the north of the Venetian lagoon and the semi-derelict mansion there. It’s his bolthole, a writer’s paradise supposedly, cut off from the world without a phone signal, internet or easy access to the rest of the lagoon. The same kind of isolation one of his heroes, Ernest Hemingway, enjoyed not far away on Torcello while finishing Across the River and into the Trees.

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He also has a ritual. Every July he maroons himself on the island in the run-up to the Festa del Redentore, the third weekend of the month, a popular public festival. By the time the Redentore fireworks begin on Saturday night, Tom hopes to have either finished a new book or found the start of one.

But the phenomenal early success he’s enjoyed has vanished. He’s turning up in the lagoon for one last chance at finding inspiration and getting his career back on track.

Waiting for him in his decaying, isolated mansion is an unwanted intruder with a message: the man Tom named as the killer a decade or more before was innocent. Now Tom has to find who really committed the Mohawk Lake murders — without phone, internet, or any contact with the outside world. Just his memory and the information his unseen captor provides. And he must solve that riddle by the time the Redentore fireworks begin five days away… or he’s dead.

Tom Honeyman’s no longer writing to save his career. He’s pounding the keyboard to save his own skin.

Hewson is a daunting talent – a writer who is master stylist, who respects the audience’s intelligence and who effortlessly keeps the thrills coming a mile a minute.

Jeffery Deaver