A note for all seasons

Taking notes. It’s one of the things most us have been doing since we learned to write. An apparently simple everyday task without which lots of good ideas will vanish, forgotten. When I was a newspaper reporter note-taking in my rotten shorthand was something I did...

A few dates in Austria and Germany

I’ll be visiting Austria in Germany in September for the launch of the translation of The Killing II (Verbrechen 2) from my German publisher Hanser. Current dates are: September 23: “Crimenight Vienna” reading in Vienna September 25: Festival “Mord am Hellweg”,...

The Times reviews Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Audiobooks are the poor cousin of the writing world in some ways. Popular as they are with listeners they rarely get reviewed. Happily The Times (or the London Times to those of your abroad) feels them sufficiently important to run a weekly audiobook review. I’m...

The House of Dolls optioned for Dutch TV

As you can imagine I’m both excited and flattered by the official announcement of the optioning of the first Pieter Vos book by one of Europe’s leading media companies for Dutch TV. It was quite something to have a Dutch publisher pre-launch. To get the TV...

At last… someone’s sorted out pen pdf annotation on Android

As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I’ve been on a quest for something digital to replace pen and paper for revision for quite some time. I’m clearly not on my own — my ancient article about the original Galaxy Note 10.1 still attracts viewers here even though it’s hopelessly out of date.

Hamlet: to collaborate or not to collaborate?

Another question the two of us — that’s me and A.J Hartley my co-conspirator — get asked a lot. How do we collaborate? Is it a well-planned, high-tech logistical exercise? Do we fight much? How do you work out who does what?

So you think you know Shakespeare?

One of the fascinating aspects in adapting Macbeth and Hamlet was the discovery that lots of things I thought I knew about Shakespeare were wrong. We carry with us a kind of Bard template in our heads, a fixed idea of what the stories are about and who the characters are.

Audiobooks, authors, actors and direction

There was a minor contretemps out on the interwebs a few days ago when someone was pressing — Lord knows why — for actual sales numbers for Hamlet and also — even the Lord wouldn’t get this one — a comparison between its first day’s sales and those of Macbeth a few years back.