The Copenhagen of Sarah Lund

A trilogy of novels adapting one of the most influential TV series of recent times — Copenhagen’s Sarah Lund.
Now read these gripping stories reimagined, with new twists and entirely new conclusions.

The Killing revisited

It was one of the most acclaimed TV dramas of recent years, the story of Copenhagen detective Sarah Lund’s fight for justice, not just against criminals but against politicians and her own colleagues in the police.

Now they’ve reappeared in book form, not as simple novelisations but reimagined with new storylines, new twists and new endings. If you thought you knew Sarah Lund’s story… think again. Read more.

This must have been a daunting task, especially since Hewson had never even visited Denmark before embarking on this Herculean task. The result is a very fine novel, which is more of a re-imagining of the original story than a carbon copy – and with the bonus of a brand new twist to the ending. Daily Mail