New life for the Nic Costa series

After a nine-year break Nic Costa is back this year, with a brand new title The Savage Shore, set in Calabria, appearing from Severn House. The UK hardback will be available on July 31 and the international English ebook and US hardback will appear on November 1.

In the meantime I’m delighted to say that Severn have taken over the rights for the first three tales in the Costa series, A Season for the Dead, The Villa of Mysteries and The Sacred Cut. They appear in ebook today with sparkling new covers, below, and in new paperback editions next year, along with the paperback of The Savage Shore.

You should find them in all the usual places. It’s good to have the old Italian team back in action after their long holiday. And I can’t wait to introduce you to their new challenge in the wild lands of Aspromonte later this year.

In August, too, the Costa series will be back in the Netherlands too, courtesy of Boekerij, with the debut of De Binnenste Cirkel (The Savage Shore), and the republishing of the first Costa book there,  De Vaticaanmoorden.


Nic Costa is coming back to the Netherlands

This is the year I go back to Italy and I hope I can take some of you with me. The Nic Costa series is back in business after a break of eight years. Costa and crew were always popular with Dutch readers so I’m delighted to be able to tell you that Boekerij, the publisher of my Pieter Vos stories and The Killing books, will be bringing out the tenth title in the series, De Binnenste Cirkel (The Savage Shore in English) in August, and republishing the first Costa book, De Vaticaanmoorden at the same time.

As always I’m grateful to the wonderfully supportive people at Boekerij — and to Dutch and Belgian readers whose love of the series has made this possible.

You can see the covers below.


New Nic Costa editions and a new book

0We’re fast approaching the return of Nic Costa and the rest of my Roman crew in the first new book featuring them in seven years. So it’s time to bring people up-to-date on a few developments on the Italian book front.

The new book is The Savage Shore, set in Calabria, and will be out in the UK in hardback from Severn House on July 31 and in the US on November 1. The mass market paperback will appear from Canongate next year.

I’m delighted to say that Severn House and Canongate are republishing the first three books in the series too: A Season for the Dead, The Villa of Mysteries and The Sacred Cut. 

The ebook of A Season for the Dead — cover seen here — will be out on April 1, that for The Villa of Mysteries on July 1 to tie in with the release of The Savage Shore and The Sacred Cut will appear on October 1. The mass market paperbacks will follow from Canongate next year.

It’s great to see the series back in circulation again and with such an enthusiastic publisher. More covers and news shortly…