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Romeo and Juliet wins an Audie

20180531_215532Well… we did it. Last night in the elegant surroundings of the New York Historical Society, Romeo and JulietA Novel won the Audie for best original work. Given the strength of the competition I had talked myself into believing we didn’t stand a chance. But you never know, do you?

The Audies are a wonderful institution and very much a level playing field which is not always the case with these things. None of the nominations get past the first post unless they’ve been through a field of volunteer listeners sifting them out. It really is about the work, not the schmooze or politics.

It’s important to emphasise too that this is an award for the people behind the work, not just the author. Without Richard Armitage’s immense skills as a narrator and interpreter… without Audible’s formidable attention to detail when it comes to production, direction and delivery this could never have worked,

I’m indebted to you all, and none more than Steve Feldberg, the producer, who first decided to take a chance on rewriting Shakespeare eight years ago with Macbeth. One of the many things I love about Audible is that it’s a publisher willing to take risks. And without risks there can be no creativity.

To you all and the many listeners to my adaptation of Juliet and her Romeo who’ve supported it from the start… a million thanks.

Here’s the moment it happened… and who better to break the news than that fantastic narrator and actress Lorelei King…

Audio Romeo and Juliet Writing

Romeo and Juliet: nominated for an Audie

I’m absolutely gobsmacked to tell you that Romeo and Juliet, my adaptation for Audible narrated so splendidly by Richard Armitage, has been nominated for an audio ‘Oscar’, the Audies.

Wow. This is my third nomination, the first two with my good friend A.J. Hartley for Macbeth and Hamlet (the latter with Richard too). I’m incredibly grateful to all the people at Audible who made this project possible, and Richard for a narration performance that exceeded my wildest dreams.

Here’s the full list — such company to be in. The winner will be announced in New York City on May 31st. Thanks again everyone!




Julia & Romeo is now live on Audible Germany

Julia & Romeo, my dramatic reimagining of the famous love story, is now live on Audible Germany. You can read more about the project there and listen to a clip. Here is some of my own background on the project.

Once again, many thanks to the forty-odd actors, musicians and back room staff at Audible in Berlin who’ve made this fascinating project possible. I’m on tenterhooks waiting to see what people make of it.


Julia & Romeo: a new dramatic version in German

Julia & Romeo is a new dramatic adaptation of the the world’s most famous love story from  Audible Germany.

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Is this simply a dramatised version of the English original performed so wonderfully by Richard Armitage and released last December? Not at all. It’s a fresh adaptation as a full-blown audio drama with a cast of well-known German actors, specially-written music, effects and a brand new script. So yes, this is an adaptation of an adaptation, one which returns to the original medium of drama where Shakespeare first popularised the story.