Last Seen Wearing — an audio drama

Missing in New York

Former NYPD detective Dinah Collins is trying to build a new career as a PI chasing missing persons… but what if her latest case is really about a vanished loved one closer to home?

I’ve been working in audio for a decade now and in that time the medium has been transformed. Once primarily CD and tapes for the visually impaired, it’s now a mainstream form of storytelling in its own right. And whether you can really call these ‘audiobooks’ any more… not sure.

Watching Richard Armitage bring Romeo and Juliet: A Novel to life in the studio I became aware that we’ve moved beyond simple narration to an element of performance. That demands a different approach to writing, and delivery too. So when Romeo and Juliet was being launched we began thinking about making the next logical step: away from something like a one-man play, which is what that truly was, to full-blown audio drama.L

Narrator Laurence Bouvard gives a nuanced portrayal of a down-on-her-luck private eye who takes on a missing persons case that quickly goes sideways and becomes way too personal. Audible goes all in with film-like production values, first-rate original music, and, best of all, evocative sound effects such as the lurching rumble of a New York subway car and the loud open space of Grand Central Station, both of which are central to the plot. Bouvard shares this drama with a fine ensemble cast, including John Guerassio, who portrays the gruff father who is retired from the NYPD. There are plenty of twists and turns, so hang onto your headphones and have fun. Audiofile

This isn’t an audiobook. Its ambition is to be a binge-listen thriller in the mould of those great TV series that have come to grab our attention over recent years. Eight episodes over nine hours, performed by a fantastic American cast, directed by the legendary Garrick Hagon and including one of one of audio’s great performers, Lorelei King, in a key role.

The story takes place over a few days in New York. Dinah Collins, played with great conviction by Laurence Bouvard, is a young woman trying to make a living as a private investigator after being forced out of the NYPD. She got caught trying to hack background information on her missing brother, Danny, a fellow cop who vanished after being accused of corruption, a charge Dinah refuses to accept.

Her way of dealing with Danny’s loss is to take on missing person cases — with mixed results. Then along come Tom and Caroline Fisher, a mysterious couple from California. Tom’s daughter, a music student in the city, has vanished during the Halloween parade in the village. He hires Dinah to find her though the police doubt she’s really missing at all. And as Dinah delves more deeply into the Fishers and their past she begins to realise her missing brother may well be a part of their story too.

It’s a fast-moving, episodic tale, told exclusively from Dinah’s point of view, an acting feat Laurence handles wonderfully. So this isn’t standard audio drama where listeners have to work out where they are and who’s talking. Nor do you have a disembodied anonymous narrator accompanying you along for the ride.

From beginning to end, through all the twists and turns, we’re in the head of Dinah Collins, a bright, brave, confused young woman who maybe brings a different dimension to the role of unreliable narrator.

It’s been a blast and a privilege to work with such a talented crew of actors and production professionals. Too many to mention them all here but the music by Jordan Killiard is exceptional as is the sound production by Steve Foxon.

I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the Audible team bringing this groundbreaking project to you. 

Last Seen Wearing is performed by: 

  • Laurence Bouvard as Dinah Collins 
  • John Guerrasio as Mike Collins 
  • Stuart Milligan as Tom Fisher 
  • Lorelei King as Caroline Fisher 
  • Martin T. Sherman as Frank Taylor 
  • Vaughn Johseph as Ben Campbell 
  • Lachele Carl as Lenora Parks 
  • Danielle Lewis as Jillian Delano 
  • Thomas Stroppel as Curtis Mason 
  • Paul Panting as Edward Marchant 
  • Adeila Leiro as Rose Martinez 
  • Jared Zeus as Danny Collins 
  • Samantha Dakin as Lucy Fisher  

With additional performances by David Brooks, Garrick Hagon, Katie Harper, Antonio Mattera, Isabella Mattera, Oleg Mirochnikov, William Roberts, and Liza Ross.

Exclusive to Audible worldwide.