Fancy the occasional newsletter?

In these odd times it’s hard to know how to communicate with readers. Book events and conventions are few and far between, and travel is still pretty much up, or rather down, in the air.

As an experiment I thought I’d try writing the occasional newsletter. It’s free, of course, and it has a distinct format. You can see the first and subscribe here.

Basically at uncertain intervals (you won’t be getting these that often) I’ll fill you in on book news, appearances, offer a simple writing tip and something about travel then close with a recipe out of the kitchen here.

Costs nothing and will always cost nothing. If you’d like to sign up please do so and share if you like since this is all hooked up into some kind of Twitter mechanism I don’t really understand.

It’s not the same as meeting people out there in the real world but I hope it closes the gap until that’s easier.