Confirmed – Italy Covid app won’t read NHS pass

Kudos to Leonardo Impett for spotting what the media at large seem to have missed. Durham computer professor Leonardo took to perusing the development status of the app on Github (no, me neither) and uncovered the reason why everyone’s NHS app has been rejected by the current VerificaC19 when people try to go inside restaurants, cafes and other places.

The current version simply doesn’t know it’s supposed to recognise it. You can read the technical details here. Not that I understand a word.

It’s a shame the NHS app wasn’t made compatible with VerificaC19 in time for the introduction of the new green pass rules in Italy on August 6. That would have saved lots of difficult conversations with cafe owners who wanted to let you in but felt they couldn’t. It’s a shame, too, that communication about this issue has been so poor.

But anyway — now you know. When VerificaC19 is updated the NHS pass should be read. No clue when that might be or how you can get the NHS pass accepted in Italy before it happens.