Quick way to check if your NHS jab certificate will work in Italy

The new Green Pass rules only came into force in Italy on August 6, the day before I left Venice. They mean you can’t get inside museums, galleries, restaurants or cafes without showing a certificate saying you’ve been vaccinated.

I didn’t have time to test them out properly and a quick check revealed I could have got into one museum but a restaurant ruled me out.

However there’s a simple way to work out if your NHS certificate will be accepted and you don’t need to be in Italy to try. Restaurants and the rest have been given a free app by the government to scan the relevant bar codes of Covid certificates. It’s called Verifica C19 and you can find it for Android here and for Apple here. If you download it you can then see if it will read your UK or US bar codes and deem them acceptable in Italy.

I haven’t tried it myself but UK residents who have the NHS certificate don’t seem to be having much luck.

The same seems to be happening with some US users too.

The Italian authorities really need to get this sorted quickly. They’ve said these certificates are good to go. At the moment it’s easy to dine outside but not for much longer. And the idea of going to Italy and being locked out of museums and galleries is simply ridiculous.