Green Pass day arrives – will your UK one work in Italy?

Today’s the day new rules come in force in Italy. From now on you can only get into museums, galleries and indoors in restaurants if you show a green pass proving you’ve had two Covid jabs.


I tried using the NHS app barcode at the lovely Codroma restaurant in Dorsoduro at lunchtime. The staff kindly offered to see if it would work with the phone app they’ve been given to check green pass availability. The NHS barcode failed. I would not have been allowed to eat inside. It seems to be pot luck at the moment.

At the end of last month the government announced it was extending the mandatory five day quarantine for anyone coming from the UK. But at the same time it said it would recognise the double jab barcode you get in the NHS app. So Brits should be able to enter the same places as qualified Italians.

Naturally I had to check this out so this morning I headed off to the lovely Ca’ Rezzonico city museum down the way. The signs were up already.

Staff were out to deal with inquiries. An irate American couple were complaining they’d bought museum tickets only to be told their US vaccination paperwork wasn’t acceptable. Don’t know what the problem was there because I’ve read elsewhere this was OK if…

But I flashed my NHS app and was told yes, it was fine and I was free to go in. Though you don’t just need the app or a certificate but photo id such as a passport too.

So you may still have to quarantine from the UK but once that’s over you won’t be barred from all the cultural attractions.

And inside restaurants and cafes? Look. It’s sunny and 28 degrees here. I’m not even thinking of sitting inside. Everyone I’ve talked to on the hospitality front here this week seemed to think the UK app would be fine though they were hazy on the details.

In short this looks like one Italian Covid measure that won’t punish us poor Brits.

Just to be sure of everything though I wouldn’t rely on the app alone. Download a copy of your certificate and print out a hard copy as backup. Would be awful to be refused admission to the Accademia or the like because you had a flat battery.

Ca’ Rezzonico is a wonderful museum many tourists miss by the way. Highly recommended.