How to order The Garden of Angels

We’re a little over three weeks away from the launch of my one 2021 release The Garden of Angels. Given these extraordinary times I thought it worthwhile if I made it clear that getting your hands on this book is going to be a bit more complicated than usual – and for lots of other people’s books too. If you want The Garden of Angels on release I’d advise you to read on and act soon since the chances of you finding it in any bookstore as stock in the UK – even if they were readily open – are slim.

First, the easy bit, the audiobook narrated by Richard Armitage. This will be published by W.F. Howes on January 29 worldwide and available digitally through all the usual audio outlets, from Audible to Amazon, Apple and Google Play.

Now to the book, published by Severn House, which is more complex. The UK hardback edition is also released on January 29. But given the current state of play if you want to get it around then I strongly advise pre-ordering it now. You can do this through all the usual retail channels, the big ones online and through your local bookshop if you mention the title and, if they need it, the ISBN number, 0727850113. If you want to put money into independent book stores the best way to do it is to order directly through them. Encounter any problems then please alert me on Twitter at @david_hewson. Nothing an author can do personally to change much in these circumstances but I can raise the matter elsewhere.

The e-book will be released in English worldwide on March 1. Again, available through all the usual online outlets. And finally the US print edition will be out on April 6. The same constraints apply here: if you want it on release I’d advise ordering, either online or through a book shop.

Finally, the Dutch edition will be out from Boekerij on March 23 and here, I’m happy to say, you should find the title in book stores on launch, provided, of course, they’re allowed to open.

Sorry about the inconvenience. Many of the things we’ve taken for granted in publishing for years – events, stock signings, being able to get out there – vanished during 2020 and sadly I can’t see them hurrying back in 2021. The mass market paperback is due out some time in 2022 and, fingers crossed, life will be closer to normal by then.