Devil’s Fjord deal of the month on Amazon US

You can find my Faroes Island mystery on Amazon US as deal of the month throughout January for just $1.99. Just go here.

Fellow writer Christopher Rice wrote this about the book…

Wow. This was my first David Hewson, and I was not disappointed. Even though I’ve been a big fan of Scandinavian crime fiction for a while, I learned of the Faroe Islands only recently. Alone in the temperamental seas between Denmark and Iceland, they’re the beautifully stark setting for this utterly arresting and exceedingly dark crime novel. And indeed, the proceedings are quite dark. That said, the strong marriage between the two central characters who’ve retired to the Faroese countryside believing they’ll find a quieter life – we all know how that goes! -gives a weighty moral center to the proceedings and also offers brief respites from this unflinching exploration of rural poverty and the criminal enterprises it spawns with ease. I’m a sucker for any novel in which setting is a character, and the stark green mountainsides and meandering trials atop perilously high cliff faces play a central role here. The prose is crisp and energetic and the dialogue feels utterly authentic. The novel also packs a wallop of a final page which I’m sure I’ll be thinking about for a long time to come.