Five quick ways to make Word look more like Scrivener

It’s been a while since I’ve offered any writing tips here. But given the lockdown and the fact I can’t get out to any events this summer now’s the time to change that. So here’s the first of my writing tips, all of which will now be delivered as short YouTube videos since that seems to me the easiest way to get them out of there.

The first is one that tries to answer a very simple question: is there a way to use Microsoft Word for creative writing that emulates some of the tools found in apps like Scrivener and Ulysses?

This has been nagging me ever since I gave up Word for the Scrivener in order to deal with the massive task of handling the many complexities of The Killing series.

See below for what I found… and if you like these little videos do please subscribe to the YouTube channel and feel free to share and embed as you see fit.