A free Vos short story to pass the time

These are strange times for everyone. Though for writers the idea of self-isolating isn’t perhaps as odd as it is for lots of people. All the same if you’re looking for something to pass the time let me make my own little offering.

Here’s a short story featuring Pieter Vos, Laura Bakker and a few other characters from my Amsterdam books. It’s called The Bad Apple and begins with a siege in Vos’s favourite watering hole, the Drie Vaten (based on the real life De Eland in the Jordaan).

It’s a freebie (though still my copyright of course) so share as you see fit. I hope you enjoy their little outing, which is my first piece in Amsterdam for a little while.

You can download an ePub version for your ereader using this link.

You can download the short story as a Word file using this link.

In the meantime… I will imagine myself back in De Eland raising a toast to the return of normality.