How Venice saved my writing career — a podcast

As anyone who knows me understands I love Venice. A lot. I’m just back from my third trip there this year and it’s time I paid some dues. First a podcast on how a random press trip to the city and a boring press conference kickstarted my writing career just when I thought it was over.

And tomorrow a treat I’ve promised on Twitter: an interview with two British writers who live in Venice and write about the city in very different ways: Gregory Dowling, creator of the Alvise Marangon mysteries, and Philip Gwynne Jones, author of the Nathan Sutherland books.

But today here’s why I will always be grateful to Venice for teaching me some important lessons about writing…

How Venice saved my writing career

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I’ve really enjoyed both episodes of your new podcast so far David, and am very much looking forward to episode 3! I’ve also dusted off my copy of the Cemetery of Secrets for a reread (it’s been a while).

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