Little Sister: the third Pieter Vos book

91xEfCS+pOLDelighted to say that, as I finish the fourth book in the Vos series, the third, Little Sister, is now public and available for pre-order. It’s out from Macmillan on May 5 next year. The draft cover is on the right.

I’ll talk about the story in more detail closer to release. It sees Vos and Laura Bakker go beyond Amsterdam for the first time, into the rural area known as Waterland close to the city, along the vast inland lake once known as the Zuiderzee. A very different place indeed from the city Vos knows so well.

I try to make every book in a series different to the ones that come before. This is a tale about two troubled sisters, newly released from imprisonment, trying to unravel the truth about the family tragedy in which their parents and their little sister were murdered.