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Dark mode in Ulysses… yes it works

I’m a big fan of writing full screen with no menus, no distractions, nothing but text and any ideas or notes I want included. But dark mode? You get it in lots of apps these days and frankly I always thought it was a gimmick.

Then, while struggling with something in a hotel room, I thought I’d try it. Tip: with Ulysses the nature of the mode depends on the theme you’re using. This one is Freestraction.

And actually. I love it. I’m sure I’ll switch back and forth from time to time. But for a quick way to get a fresh look this is hard to beat. You can move between the two very easily using the keyboard shortcut Command-Opt-L.

Here’s the same thing — a scene heading, a brief synopsis and a couple of lines of opening text — in normal light mode.