My five top Scrivener tips

I’ve been weighed down with other matters (that thing called ‘work’) of late and not posted much here. Now I’ve finally managed to catch up with stats and links and all the stuff that tells you what people are looking for.

The answer’s one word: Scrivener. Hard to believe no one had heard of Keith Blount’s wonderful writing invention a few years ago. Now it seems to be the mainstream app for lots of creative writers and much else besides.

This blog has a fair number of Scrivener posts which you can browse through the tag here.

But to start off newcomers I thought I’d list what I think are my top five Scrivener tips about novel-writing with the app (in no particular order and please note some may be Mac-only).

  1. The Unplaced Scene folder
  2. Four keyboard shortcuts to remember
  3. A quick way to find your characters in scenes.
  4. Creating a story bible
  5. Counting scenes in a chapter

And don’t forget I’ve a free Scrivener template to accompany Writing A Novel With Scrivener too (not that you need the ebook to use it).