Free Scrivener template

As part of a general tidy-up around here I’ve taken a look at the free Scrivener template associated with Writing A Novel with Scrivener. It needed a bit of a cleanup too. So feel free to download this one and play with  it — you don’t need the book to do that.

This is just a set of suggestions to play with. Scrivener is incredibly flexible so as always please cherry pick what you like and reject the rest.

To use unzip the compressed archive. If you’re on a Mac you will see a standard Scrivener file. If you’re on Windows you will see a folder (as is usual with Scrivener projects on Windows). Open it in the usual way (please see the Scrivener help file if any doubt). I always find it easiest to run Scrivener then locate the key file in the project folder rather than trying to double click anything (but I’m not a regular Windows Scrivener user so that may just be me).

This is a freebie. No tech support so please don’t ask.

Download David’s Scrivener template.

You can get the general idea from the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 15.12.35.png