‘There is a lot of repetition
and imitation in
contemporary crime fiction
and it is rare to find an
author  whose books
seem entirely original.
Hewson’s do.’
Literary Review

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David Hewson’s European crime and mystery books range from the Copenhagen of The Killing and Sarah Lund to the Italy of Nic Costa and the Amsterdam of Pieter Vos. Over twenty years and more than twenty titles his books have been translated into multiple languages around the world.

His Shakespeare adaptations with A.J. Hartley have been shortlisted for America’s coveted Audie awards and narrated by acclaimed actors Richard Armitage and Alan Cumming.

David’s career from small-time journalism to The Times, Sunday Times and fiction

Discover Ulysses, Scrivener and other writing tools

Discover the Amsterdam of Pieter Vos and download a free iBook


The nine Nic Costa books so far have proved one of the most popular Italian crime series around. Set in Rome, Venice and with one brief side trip to San Francisco, they’ve won awards ranging from best audio adaptation to mystery of the year from the American Library Association. Bestselling author Peter James said, ‘No author has ever brought Rome so alive for me — nor made it seem so sinister’.



Alan Cumming narrating Macbeth, Richard Armitage exploring a very different Hamlet, a brand new dramatic version of Macbeth in German… discover these award-winning reimaginings of some of the world’s great classics.



It’s finishing the book that counts… explore some of David’s titles on writing technique, practice and tools such as Ulysses and Scrivener. And don’t forget to browse the blog for more tips too.



Crime in the city of canals and coffee shops… the acclaimed Pieter Vos series set around an Amsterdam detective leading a solitary life with his little dog Sam on a decrepit barge on the Prinsengracht canal. Said the Toronto Globe & Mail, ‘Setting is always essential to Hewson and he evokes everything from scent to scenery.’



The Killing trilogy takes the story of one of TV’s most famous detective, Copenhagen’s Sarah Lund, and turns it into a reimagined adaptation with new twists, characters and story turns. The Telegraph said, ‘David Hewson has taken what was television gold and turned it into literary gold’.



Explore David’s standalone titles which range from the Venice of Vivaldi and Canaletto to the bullring of Seville and the darker corners of Florence.



Hempstead Library, Gillingham, Kent, August 31

It’s always a pleasure to be talking in a library. Without them I’d never have been a writer in the first place. On August 31 you’ll find me in Gillingham in my native Kent, talking books and writing at Hempstead Library. The event starts at 7.30 pm....

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Please stop comparing Lady Macbeth to Sarah Vine

I steer clear of politics here because a) Lord knows there’s enough of it out there already and b) I don’t write horror. But there’s one widespread falsehood (yes, I know, among so many) circulating out there right now which needs to be addressed....

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Little Sister, the third Pieter Vos novel

Little Sister, the third Pieter Vos novel is out in the UK today from Pan Macmillan. Dutch readers can expect it from Boekerij on September 15 when I will be in the Netherlands for some promotion. I like to make each book in a series different to the ones that come...

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