How To Double Your Manuscript Control In Ulysses

How to double your manuscript control in Ulysses

People are funny about computers. They use them day in and day out, often in quite complex ways, but sometimes miss the most obvious of useful options. One of these on a Mac is full-screen mode. It’s been around for years. With some apps it’s not much use because they work in one window only.

But if your app does the magic ‘new window’ trick, as Ulysses does, then you are in for a treat. I’m not going to show you any screenshots to illustrate this because really they’d all be the same. And since Ulysses is best used in the most minimal of fashions, as it is above, you wouldn’t learn much anyway.

So let me describe the situation instead and if you have Ulysses in front of you try it there.

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Get The Killing I for a snip….

The paperback of The Killing III is coming shortly. And to mark that you can for a little while get the Kindle edition of The Killing I for a bargain price of just over £1 in the UK, 85 per cent off list.…

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