Some Thoughts On Book Revision

Some thoughts on book revision

Here’s a question I get asked about revision from time to time: why don’t you do the final revises of a draft manuscript in Ulysses or Scrivener? Why export to Word or something and finish it there?

I’m close to finishing two major project revises right now and this has been exercising my mind too. So let me try to offer some answers.

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Google Keep just got a lot better

A while ago I wrote about the thorny issue of keeping notes. As always, things change. My primary instinct about note-keeping remains — the simpler the solution the better. Evernote, for example, is still just feature overload for me.

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Why Is It So Easy To Write In Ulysses?

Why is it so easy to write in Ulysses?

As anyone who’s listened or read me on the subject of writing knows, I’m very sceptical of word targets. It can be all too easy to fool yourself into thinking something’s working on the basis of a word count alone. Cutting the words you don’t need is as much a creative act as writing them in the first place. Equally, setting down words you don’t want — and will have to cut later — is the opposite of creativity.

That said I’m now a good way through my current novel, the third Pieter Vos title headed for 2016 publication. It’s the first book I’ve written in Ulysses and boy is it happening quickly.

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