A Book Diary In Action

A book diary in action

I wrote here the other day about the very neat diary app Journey. Well today it's Friday and, for me, this is the day of the week when a book diary really comes into play. Here's what I will do…

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Word 2016 For Mac: The Good News And The Bad

Word 2016 for Mac: the good news and the bad

Love it or hate it, Microsoft Word is hard to avoid if you write to be published. That doc or docx file is what a publisher expects you to deliver, and increasingly the production process will take place through comments and change tracking within Word too.

On Windows, with the Word 2013 edition, this is no great problem. In fact I think Word 2013 is good enough to be used as a primary writing app in some cases. But the Mac has been ill-served by Microsoft for many years. The last version of Word, 2011, was a dog, slow, buggy, cumbersome and lacking the features that make Word 2013 so good on Windows.

Now it’s been replaced as part of the new Mac Office 2016 release. So what’s there to cheer about and what to boo?

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