The new revision desktop — Word and OneNote

There’s a revision job going on around here at the moment. Something I love. It’s a chance to put the last polish on a book.

I’ve revised in lots of different ways over the years. Since 2013 is the year I intend to see if I can work in Office 2013 (Windows) alone here is what it looks like now.


This is a revision based on an editor’s notes. This is not the same as self-revision, editing from my own notes. For more on that look here.

External notes come in an email of course so I sent the email to OneNote into the correspondence folder for the project. Then I opened the OneNote page in a right-hand sidebar. You see it here. Important parts are highlighted or in different colours. I add in my responses to points as I go along.

The manuscript itself is in Word in the main part of the screen. I’m using Simple Markup here so a red line denotes where something has changed. If I hover my mouse over the line I can see the change and when I made it.

Simple Markup is new in Office 2013. It’s a fantastic addition. When you’re revising a manuscript you can see how far you’ve got immediately. If you make comments or changes they are time-stamped so you can see at what stage of the process they were made.

You could do a lot more with a setup like this, such as linking parts of the OneNote document to sections of the Word manuscript. But this is a relatively straightforward edit so I don’t think I need that. And I don’t believe in making work for the sake of it.

This is a very simple, easily understood way to do the job. I like it.

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