Buying cheap books – no need to apologise

I woke up yesterday to discover The Killing was deal of the day on Amazon UK. Just 99p for 24 hours. By early evening it was number two on the whole of Kindle, behind a title that was 20p. At the same time my first book , Death in Seville (originally Semana Santa),  was cut to 99p too and the first book in the Costa series, A Season for the Dead, to 74p.

The Killing is back to the normal Kindle price of £4.99 today but Death in Seville and A Season for the Dead remain discounted today (though for how long I don’t know).

A lot of people bought these books yesterday. Quite a few got in touch with me through social media too and there was a common thread in some of the messages which I guess I’d summarise as, ‘Sorry I bought it so cheaply — I’ll pay more for the next one, promise.’

Please, you don’t need to apologise. I’m a writer. I like my work to be read. I don’t sit there thinking, ‘God they got that cheap.’ What’s the point? I’m just happy my work is finding an audience, whatever the price, and that people are buying it or borrowing it through libraries not ripping it off over the torrents.

So don’t ever feel you’re somehow cheating an author by grabbing a quick bargain if you see it. The world doesn’t work that way. We’re grateful for your time and attention.

Oh, and one more thing as they say. All of these promotions take place outside the little world an author inhabits, usually anyway. I didn’t know these promotions were coming up. I’ve no idea if more are on the way, or how long some of them will last. I could ask I suppose but I don’t want to. I write books, I don’t sell them. That’s someone else’s job.

So if you see something you fancy at a bargain price, whoever wrote it, I’d snap it up and don’t feel a moment’s guilt. When I see someone reading one of my books I never ask myself how much they paid for it. I’m just pleased to be seen doing the rounds.

2 thoughts on “Buying cheap books – no need to apologise

  1. Anne McLauchlan

    It is well known that Scots love a bargain and I would certainly agree with that. I haven’t bought any of your books at these fabulous, bargain prices but that is only because I already have them all. I have, however, taken advantage when various other authors’ books have also been offered at reduced prices. It allows a reader to try out new authors’ books with great ease and little expense and I have found three “new to me” authors this way. Of course my Kindle is now sitting with 18 unread books and I have five books sitting on my settee at home…not that this is a bad thing.

  2. I have just recently got into these bargain hunts, and only on Kindle. I actually use my husband’s Kindle (I don’t have one myself), and it’s so quick and easy to order something when you see it’s on offer or even free – it just jolts you to remember to buy it (especially if you’ve been meaning to anyway). So thanks for the absolution!
    For paperbacks and hardbacks, however, I just buy them when I want them, without trying to get a bargain.

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